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 CAPT Larry Warrenfeltz, USN RET

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Source: Aerograph May 2022

Greetings Shipmates,


It sure looks like our Reunion #47 will be a popular chance for the association to get together and go to sea. We will cruise aboard Celebrity Summit from March 30 to April 3, 2023. When the Reunion planning committee first met, we were hoping to fill 16 cabins. At the last count, we have 64 folks on the manifest! That includes spouses and friends as well as NWSA members. Patti Straten — wife of 2nd VP Ed Straten — has been the key point of contact with the people at Celebrity. We owe Ed and Patti a huge thank you for all the work they have done so far. Libby and Pat O’Brien and Paul Belt also play important roles in the reunion planning. It isn’t too late to join us for our 2023 deployment from Miami to Key West and the Bahamas. See the Reunion #47 link on the website.

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Happy 100th Birthday to LCDR Norman Canfield (USN, Ret) — Life member #450! Norm celebrated his 100th trip around the sun at home in Minnesota in April.


At the end of our time in Savannah last October, we asked attendees to answer a couple of questions about their Navy careers. The replies showed a diverse group of aerographer’s mates and METOC officers. We’ve covered the ranks from E-1 to E-9, WO-1 to CWO-3, and O-1 to O-6. Members who responded averaged 25 years, 8 months of active duty service in an average of 11 different duty stations. Allow me to close with a great quote from AGCS (Ret) Phil Duncan.


“At 83 years old and soon to be 84, the men and a few ladies that I served with in the Navy still remain, in my mind and heart, as some of the finest, most patriotic people this great country has to offer.”


Well said, Sir!


Larry Warrenfeltz

Captain, USN (Ret)

Source: Aerograph February 2022

Greetings Shipmates,


Here we are — a couple of months into 2022 — and we are STILL dealing with the pandemic that has upset and changed our lives for the last two years. It looks to me like the 2019 version of coronavirus and its variants will always be with us, much like influenza and the common cold (which is also a coronavirus). With this in mind, we move forward as sailors always have!



Reunion #47 planning is underway. Second VP Ed Straten and NWSA stalwart Pat “OB” O’Brien are heading up the committee, with the able help of their wives, Patti and Libby. The date, in the spring of 2023, is still to be determined. The first option is to take a cruise. Many military groups have used a cruise option and found it to be a great experience. Stay tuned for details. Personally, I would love to once again lean on a ship’s rail and watch salt water flow by. I will try to resist the urge to spit (downwind) … but I will probably fail.



Former shipmate Tim Rush sent me the following link to a very cool video that he found on YouTube:

Computer History: Control Data CDC 6600 Supercomputer (NavalWeather Global tracking Climate) 1972 - YouTube

The Computer History Archive Project grabbed a 1972 movie produced by the Naval Weather Service Command called “The Story of a Storm.” Some of you may recognize a few of the people in the film. Every one of us will certainly recognize the equipment! Click on it, sit back, and enjoy!


Larry Warrenfeltz

Captain, USN (Ret)

Source: Aerograph November 2021

Greetings Shipmates,


Well that was worth the wait! We finally made it to Savannah, and it was OUTSTANDING! It is a beautiful, historic city and the residents are welcoming and friendly. Tours of the city and of the Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force were educational and enjoyable. Like any good reunion, the planned events and excursions were great, but the real value is found in the Hospitality Room. Visiting with friends—old and new—is the part that everyone cherishes. The farewell banquet at the Crosswinds Country Club was a perfect way to end our visit to Georgia. An enjoyable, professional magic show by the “Amazing” Joe Romano was a special treat. Once again, we owe a huge thank you to Jim and Rosalie Romano — reunion planners extraordinaire!

Don’t think that we played for the whole four days. We also took care of business in Savannah. The Executive Committee met twice — before and after the General meeting of the association. Congratulations to Ed Straten who was elected our new Second Vice President.

We spent some time discussing the distribution of the Aerograph. If you are reading the electronic version of this fine publication, thank you. The e-version is nice. It has cool color and much more information than the hard copy version that is distributed via the postal service. Mailing the Aerograph is rather expensive, so the more people who get it via email, the better it is for our bottom line. We know that there are some readers who are not comfortable with computers and email. We will always make sure that every person who wants a hard copy is able to have one.  (If you look at Secretary-Treasurer Tom Miovas’ report, you will see that the association is financially sound. We have money to mail the Aerograph to everyone who needs to get it that way.)

For planning purposes, Reunion #47 will be held sometime in the spring of 2023. Where we go and what we do is still to be determined. Plan to join us. The Navy camaraderie just can’t be duplicated.


 Larry Warrenfeltz

Captain, USN (Ret)

Source: Aerograph August 2021

Greetings Shipmates, 

On 1 July, in accordance with our NWSA Bylaws, I relieved Jim Romano as president of our association. When I took command of the Naval Polar Oceanography Center (soon to change names to the Naval Ice Center) in 1993, I was reminded that the job of the new guy at a Change of Command was to (1) Show Up, (2) Stand Up, and (3) Shut Up. With that in mind, I will use this column to focus on the outgoing president — Jim Romano. Jim, with the able assistance of his chief of staff Rosalie, did a marvelous job of leading our association through a most challenging two years. Jim’s energy and dedication to our Navy and to our NWSA set a mark for all of us to follow.

The Romanos planned, scheduled, replanned and re-scheduled our Savannah Reunion (#46). Plan to be on the Georgia Coast from 4 through 8 October. I am highly confident that when we finally get there, it will be worth all the work Jim and Rosalie put into the planning. Go to the website ( and click on Reunion #46 to get all the details. Updated hotel registration information is included. My wife Nancy and I are looking forward to seeing many of you in Savannah.

It seems that COVID-19 and its many variations do not plan to release the world from the death grip it has held on us for a year-and-a-half. So we will deal with it, be smart about our health, take advantage of the vaccines, and get on with our lives. Please use common sense and protect yourselves from ALL the viruses, bacteria, and other nasty bugs that lurk out there. Protect yourselves AND your shipmates and their families!

Larry Warrenfeltz

Captain, USN (Ret)