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 CAPT Larry Warrenfeltz, USN RET

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Source: Aerograph November 2021

Greetings Shipmates,


Well that was worth the wait! We finally made it to Savannah, and it was OUTSTANDING! It is a beautiful, historic city and the residents are welcoming and friendly. Tours of the city and of the Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force were educational and enjoyable. Like any good reunion, the planned events and excursions were great, but the real value is found in the Hospitality Room. Visiting with friends—old and new—is the part that everyone cherishes. The farewell banquet at the Crosswinds Country Club was a perfect way to end our visit to Georgia. An enjoyable, professional magic show by the “Amazing” Joe Romano was a special treat. Once again, we owe a huge thank you to Jim and Rosalie Romano — reunion planners extraordinaire!

Don’t think that we played for the whole four days. We also took care of business in Savannah. The Executive Committee met twice — before and after the General meeting of the association. Congratulations to Ed Straten who was elected our new Second Vice President.

We spent some time discussing the distribution of the Aerograph. If you are reading the electronic version of this fine publication, thank you. The e-version is nice. It has cool color and much more information than the hard copy version that is distributed via the postal service. Mailing the Aerograph is rather expensive, so the more people who get it via email, the better it is for our bottom line. We know that there are some readers who are not comfortable with computers and email. We will always make sure that every person who wants a hard copy is able to have one.  (If you look at Secretary-Treasurer Tom Miovas’ report, you will see that the association is financially sound. We have money to mail the Aerograph to everyone who needs to get it that way.)

For planning purposes, Reunion #47 will be held sometime in the spring of 2023. Where we go and what we do is still to be determined. Plan to join us. The Navy camaraderie just can’t be duplicated.


 Larry Warrenfeltz

Captain, USN (Ret)

Source: Aerograph August 2021

Greetings Shipmates, 

On 1 July, in accordance with our NWSA Bylaws, I relieved Jim Romano as president of our association. When I took command of the Naval Polar Oceanography Center (soon to change names to the Naval Ice Center) in 1993, I was reminded that the job of the new guy at a Change of Command was to (1) Show Up, (2) Stand Up, and (3) Shut Up. With that in mind, I will use this column to focus on the outgoing president — Jim Romano. Jim, with the able assistance of his chief of staff Rosalie, did a marvelous job of leading our association through a most challenging two years. Jim’s energy and dedication to our Navy and to our NWSA set a mark for all of us to follow.

The Romanos planned, scheduled, replanned and re-scheduled our Savannah Reunion (#46). Plan to be on the Georgia Coast from 4 through 8 October. I am highly confident that when we finally get there, it will be worth all the work Jim and Rosalie put into the planning. Go to the website ( and click on Reunion #46 to get all the details. Updated hotel registration information is included. My wife Nancy and I are looking forward to seeing many of you in Savannah.

It seems that COVID-19 and its many variations do not plan to release the world from the death grip it has held on us for a year-and-a-half. So we will deal with it, be smart about our health, take advantage of the vaccines, and get on with our lives. Please use common sense and protect yourselves from ALL the viruses, bacteria, and other nasty bugs that lurk out there. Protect yourselves AND your shipmates and their families!

Larry Warrenfeltz

Captain, USN (Ret)


Source: Aerograph May 2021

President's Report

I’m hoping that by now we all have had or will soon have, our Covid Shots. Plans for our Reunion #46 are again rolling along with a few changes from before.

Welcome Aboard dinner will be a Pizza party. Trolley Tour lunch lunch will now be at a more historic venue, The Pirates House. This very old building and its underground chambers hid Pirates and their booty during days of yore. It has an interesting little shop and very good food. Full reunion info can be found in this and the next issue of the Aerograph.

Now some housekeeping so to speak. Capt. Larry Warrenfeltz will be assuming the NWSA President’s Chair on 01 July 2021. Lori Casperson will move into the First VP slot and I will continue to serve the Association as a member of the Executive board. I wish to sincerely thank Larry, Lori, Tom, Gary & Smitty for their help in keeping our Association running smoothly these past two years.

As you know, our Reunion #46 will be held in Savannah, GA. At the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Airforce. Two very informative books about The Mighty Eighth make very comprehensive and emotional reading : “MASTERS OF THE AIR” by Donald Miller and “THE MIGHTY EIGHTH” by Gerald Astor. Reading either of these books is bound to make you feel a part of the museum. There were 350,000 personnel who served in the Eighth Air Force.   More than 26,000 were killed and 28,000 became POWs. Incredibly, their losses surpassed those suffered by our Marines in the Pacific during World War II. Winston Churchill called them “Masters of the Air.”

Thank you for allowing me to serve. I was very proud to have had the honor of being your President for the past two years. It gave me a chance to give back and was the culmination of my 66 year association as a U.S. Navy Aerographer. See you in Savannah!!


Jim Romano

President NWSA

Source: Aerograph February 2021

Greetings Shipmates,

The reunion dates have been revised to allow for our people to have a strong sense of health security. Plans for our #46 reunion will still be highlighted by a tour of National Museum of The Mighty Eighth Air Force. I urge you all to read Masters of the Air by Donald Miller or any other book you can find about the Eighth Airforce. You will really appreciate The Mighty Eighth if you do.

Reunion will take place during October 04 – 08 2021 in the Poo1er area of Savannah, GA. This is about 4 miles from the airport and 6-7 miles from Bay Street along the Savannah River.

Hotel, right next to the museum, is the Best Western Plus (Suites.) 155 Bourn Ave., Pooler, GA. Ph 912-330-0330. Our rate is ($89) $105.57 per nite, includes all taxes. Just mention you’re with NWSA. Free parking, Free WiFI and Free Breakfast are included. They also offer an Airport shuttle. You may cancel 72hrs prior to reservation time. Every room comes with sitting area, Fridge & Microwave.

Full scheduling of events will appear in May and August editions of the Aerograph and on the website prior to May. Expect a few minor changes to original schedules.

There is plenty of great shopping, restaurants and a cinema within a 2 mile area from the hotel. Hotel is at Rt 95 exit 102.

Along with the Mighty Eighth tour, we’ll tour lovely, historic Savannah by trolley, have lunch at Paula Dean’s and have plenty of free time to enjoy the area. We’ll arrange nine holes of golf at Crosswinds Golf Course, a nice local course. Banquet will be held at The Crosswinds County Club, which has excellent food. It’s about 3 miles easy drive from our hotel.

So, we hope the vaccines fine their way to those of us who need them.  After that we’re home free. Weather should be decent. All we need is the crowd!

Rosalie and I hope you all get through this horrible Pandemic and stay safe through the Spring & Summer. Let’s look forward to a lovely fall. It’s our favorite time of the year.


Cheers everyone,

Jim Romano

CWO-3 USN (Ret)

Source: Aerograph November 2020

I hope you are all well and coping with Covid as best you canWe are overly concerned that our reunion #46 may be postponed again. With the Virus again raising its ugly head in most states, the outlook for  our April venue in Savannah is highly doubtful.  The next practical dates would be late September/Early October 2021. Same Bat Town, same Bat Venue. (for you Batman fans) 
The NWSA Officers will meet over the Internet during late November and decide our best course of actionWe will not have another reunion until the atmosphere is no longer a danger to our health. You will be  notified of our decision thru the web site and e-mail. 

Our Change-Of-Command normally occurs between April and July, but I would like to stay on to finish the job for #46. 
This has been an extremely unsettled time for all of us, missing family & friends, curtailing our social and entertainment lives and most of all the stress of dealing with our unsettling government issues and  fear of catching this horrible virus.  
I leave you with the following thought. Some of my fellow parishioners have a great philosophy,
 “Pop -A –Cork and Pray”!! 
Cheers Mates, 

Jim Romano 
CWO-3 USN (Ret) 

Source: Aerograph August 2020

First, I would like to extend my great appreciation to Steve “Smitty” Smith for assuming the Aerograph Editor’s chair. I am sure Gary’s appreciation is even greater. Good luck, Steve and again…Thank You!! 

Gary, Thank You for your years of Yeoman performance and dedication in publishing an outstanding Aerograph each quarter. I sincerely hope that none of our families have been affected by the Covid-19. This has been a very stressful year for all of us who needed to make social plans and more importantly for those who had friends or family infected. One of the worst parts of this is not being able hug your friends.

I am very concerned that Our Reunion #46 may have to be postponed again. Unless a vaccine is found by the end of 2020, Masks and Social Distancing may be the uniform of the day for next April. Therefore, we will not be requesting reservations until this coming December or January. The Board will be keeping abreast of the travel climate for next spring and will advise as appropriate. This is definitely “A Revolting Development.” 

The venue will still be the same, featuring “The Mighty Eighth” in Savannah, GA. Pricing may be slightly higher, but we will not publish anything until the November Aerograph at the earliest. Proposed dates are April 25-29, 2021.

Two years ago, Lori Casperson recommended a cruise for a future reunion and I wholeheartedly agreed. I still think it’s a great idea. We have gotten quite a few positive comments and a few negs. If we can ever get #46 accomplished, then I will recommend #47 be on the high seas. Charleston, SC & Port Canaveral, FL have excellent facilities for parking and boarding. Just a thought. 

Cheers everyone and keep safe, 
Jim Romano