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Jacksonville, FL

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President:  LT Todd McDonald USN RET

1st Vice Pres: AGCS Steve Turco USN RET
2nd Vice Pres:  AGC Bob Johnson USN RET
Sec/Treas:  AGCS Frank Andrews USN RET

Chapter News

Source: Aerograph May 2017 (Should have been due Aerograph Editor's omission)

We had a great dinner at the Golden Corral Orange Park on Friday, 28th of April. Following officer attending: AGCS Steve Turco (1st VP), AGC Bob and Charline Johnson (2nd VP), AGCS Frank and Jane Andrews (Sec/Trea), and AG1 Regina Perry with daughter (Liaison), members attending: AGCS Lloyd and Daisy Corbett, LCDR Eric and Loretta Gedult Von Jungenfeld, AGCS Barry Brockman and daughter, AGCM Joe McGar, USMC Jacob Eldred and guest, AGC Saluatore Magaddino, AGC Tina and Chris Sapp (returning to this area after extended stay in the Mid-West), AGC Alan Stratton, with daughter, Mr. Timothy and Ms.Tasha McGowens grand daughter of the Johnson and they are doing the photo work as part of a project. Our President, unable to attend, LT Todd McDonald is on the mid-watch tonight, still a working man.

We welcomed the first time member and returning members. AGENDA items are: Pointed out that I had copies of prior years tax returns (990es), SHIFT COLORS, AEROGRAPH (Special one printed in 1980), some old Christmas Cards, Discussed the information in the SHIFT COLORS: The Changes in the TRICARE and the need for everyone to complete the RETIREE CHECKLIST, What Survivors Should Know. We had a great deal of discuss on this information and that a copy should be placed with your important documents. 

I (Bob Johnson) sent in a personal GIFT MEMBERSHIP for AG1 Ian Jackson who is currently recovering from surgery. Recently the passing of CDR Gerry Struck, founding member of NWSA and NWSA SE Chapter, LCDR Bud Parham (Middleburg), and AG1 Rodney McElwaney (George). 

We had $75 in our petty cash after the Christmas Party and we sent in a 1/2 page add for the Reunion #43, in San Antonio and discussed the Reunion #44 in New Orleans. This left $35 in the Petty Cash.

We closed out meeting at 8:40 p.m. Great meeting 
Submitted by Bob Johnson, SE Chapt. 2nd VP 

Source:  Aerograph February 2017
The Naval Weather Service Association (NWSA) Southeast Chapter held their Annual Christmas Party/Meeting at the home of our President,  LT Todd and Cheryl McDonald and daughter. This was the 3rd year that we held our Christmas Party at the home of our President. Our President provided a great place for the party and most of the dinner and condiments.  It was the largest number of members and guest attending in over 5 years for our annual dinner/party.  

Officer Members attending: AGC Bob & Charline Johnson (2nd VP), AGCS Frank and Jane Andrews (Sect/Treasury), AGCS Steve & Cherry Turco (1st VP), and our newly appointed Liaison with Active Duty, AG1 Regina Perry with daughter Isabelle.  Other members attending were: Mrs. Virginia Morgan, LT Fred & Lita Bergman, AGCS Glen & Lita Barton, AGC Tim & Linda Kenelick (also Tim was our own Santa) (wins the longest distance traveled:  South Carolina), Mr. Eric & Mrs. Loretta Gedult, AG2 Gary & Sandy Burk, AGC Sal & Susan Maggadino, Mrs. Teresa McGowens, Mr. Tim McGowens, Ms. Tasha McGowens, Ms. Terri Greinke and daughter Arianna.

Our Agenda was passed out to each member and if they have any questions or comments, please forward them to NWSA SE CHAPTER and we will reply back within 30 days.  The main subject in the Agenda was THE FUTURE OF THE AG RATING AND WHAT IS THE NAVY PLANS. This Agenda was assigned to our Liaison, AG1 (A410) Regina Perry. She is currently stationed on Naval Station Mayport HSM Weapons School/METOC Support and 3 days before our Christmas Party, she became a resident of Florida with the purchase of her home in Jacksonville.  She provided information on the dropping of the term AG and they are now addressed only as PETTY OFFICER and the AG information is associated with the MOS. They said that this will allow AG’s to change to other fields with less problems.  The rating has become more of an INTELLIGENCE UNIT field. She also aided in putting AGCS Lloyd Corbett in contact with the Master Chief at CNATTU Keesler about setting up a tour of the facility at Keesler during the NWSA Reunion in 2018. Briefing was provided to our group and contacts were put into place for the Reunion to be held in New Orleans, LA in 2018.

Other Agenda items were: Appeal for members to make contact with other Weather Types that they know of and pass the information to our officers. Advised the members that if they would like a copy of our tax return (990ez), I had one with me tonight or if wish a copy, they can make a written request by e-mail. Advised members that the Reunion in 2017 would be held April in San Antonio, TX and if they need details, send request via e-mail.  We also provided Face Book information for SE Chapter and the NWSA National Office.  We passed out the information on the Chattahoochee Drifters Chapter will be placing Wreath’s at the grave sites of our Vets at the National Cemetery in Jacksonville FL. on the 17th and it is scheduled to start by noon.

Our door prize was won by Mrs. Jane Andrews, plus the 50/50 pot. Mrs. Andrews donated her half of the 50/50 ($35) back to the association.  It will be used to cover expenses during the 2017 year.

We would like give our thanks to the McDonalds for opening their home again this year and providing such a great dinner with all the trimmings.  We also thank our member for bringing some great POT LUCK dinners and treats to the table. 


AGC Bob Johnson, NWSA SE Chapter, 2nd VP

Source: Aerograph November 2016


Noted, we held the meeting on the night that Hurricane Hermine hit the west coast of Florida near Tallassee Fl.  We determined that since the Golden Corral Restaurant had committed to our meeting and since we are great Weather Forecaster and knowing that the storm would not reach Florida until around 2 a.m. Friday morning, we did not change the date of our meeting. Sorry, but some of our weather people wasn't able to attend. Several were affected by the storm and had to work. Our president and 1st VP were called in for duty.

The storm just missed Tallahassee by 40 miles and hit Florida around 1:30 a.m.  We had only light rain until several hours after the meeting ended.

We met with two new member that attending and brought their family members with them.  AG1 Regina Perry (active duty at Mayport) with dependent child and AGC Alan Stratton (USN Retired) with dependent children attending for their first time. AGCS Frank and Jane Andrews (Sect/Trea) and AGC Bob and Charline Johnson (2nd VP) was the officers attending. Other special guest was Teresa McGowens with children Tasha and Timothy (official photo) and Terri Wilson with daughter Airanna. Not a large group but did have a great time with great food.
AlanStratton, Frank and Jane Andrews, and ReginaPerry
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We passed out information on the following subjects:

Placed on display past Aerographs, Shift Colors, tax form 990EZ and Bellinger List.  It was noted that a returning member AGC Tina Lamberthas just returned and plans on attending the Christmas Party.  It was pointed that the association purchased a Guest Membership for AG1 Perry and she plans on helping us to make contact with all of the active duty weather types in the area and see if we can bring them into our association. We pointed our that we have regular membership at $20 and lifetime membership available. That we are a Social Group with no DUES.

Pointed out that the next 2017 Reunion is schedule in San Antonio April 2017 and the 2018 Reunion in New Orleans but no dates set at this time.

Our Christmas Party will be held at our President home (2296 Foxwood Drive, Orange Park, FL on the 9th of December. More information will be sent out about the 1st of November.

The next big event is Jacksonville area would be the NOTRE DAME vs NAVY football game would be held the 5th of November, on the weekend of the SEA & SKY SPECTACULAR at the beaches. There has already been over 50,000 seats sold and is expected to be a sellout.  The BLUE ANGLES are scheduled in the Jacksonville area that weekend.

It was discussed about members placing on file copies of their BIO.  AGCS Lloyd and Daisy Corbett dropped in for a visit on the day of the meeting.  He wanted to let me know that he would not be able to make the meeting due to the storm. At that time it was apparent that the storm would be crossing in the area of his home and he thought it would be better for him to be there. The storm passed close to his home but I haven't been able to make contact with him yet. 

We discussed how we could increase membership we passed out handout on our AGENDA for everyone to read.  Also we discussed the passing of AGCM Harold Chapman. Several members knew of him but he was of the grid and didn't respond to e-mail, telephone or slow mail (USPS). We need everyone to make attempts in contact with weather types.  It pointed out that CAPT William Nisley (Green Cove Springs) was planning on attending but due to the storm had sent information he couldn't make it. He is a new LIFETIME MEMBER of NWSA now.

We pointed out the FACEBOOK address of NWSA SE CHAPTER is and NWSA (National) office is

Photos were taken by my grandson Timothy McGowens.

                                                                               Bob Johnson, USN RET NWSA SE CHAPT 2ND VP

Source: Aerograph February 2016

The Naval Weather Service Association Southeast Chapter held it's Annual Christmas Party and Winter Meeting on the 17th of December at the home of their President, LT Todd and Cheryl McDonald in Orange Park. Attending the event was LCDR Eric and Loretta Gedult Von Jungenfeld, AGC Salvatore and Susan Magaddino, 2nd VP AGC Bob and Charline Johnson, Sec/Trea AGCS Frank and Jane Andrews, LT Fred and Lina Bergman, and special guest Mr and Mrs Bob Johnson (house guest of the McDonalds). AGCS Steve Turco only officer not present but he was on duty at the weather office. Somebody has to keep a watch on us.

We had a great POT LUCK dinner with many special treats. Our photos were take by Timothy McGowens, high school student at Peterson High School on the year book staff building his experience.

Todd passed out the NWSA Challenge Coins to members that purchased them at the Fall Meeting. Todd still has some coins left because he purchased extras just in case.  Contact him for coins while they last.   

We had a discussion on losing our membership. Noting that more than 20 stated that they couldn't attend due to health and a few of them were still working. We need to attempt to make contact with as many weather types and get  them involved. There is many in the area, but they don't get involved.

We discussed the 2016 Reunion being held at THE VILLAGES, about 2 hours southwest of Jacksonville near Ocala. We are hoping that we will have a large turnout for the event. It is being held starting 1st of May - 6th of May 2016. Contact person for the Reunion is CDR JERRY STRUCK, 352-753-6034. If anyone need any information, they can contact the NWSA SE Chapter.

We presented a report on our Petty Cash Fund. We had submitted a one page Ad for the 2015 Reunion at a cost of $80. We had only $30 in Petty Cash at that time and rest was covered by member of Chapter. We raised $63 on the 50/50 with $31 being awarded to Charline Johnson. She has won the 50/50 the past two years and has donated it back to the Petty Cash Fund again. We thank Charline for the donation again. 

We elected to purchase Ad in the 2016 Reunion book for $80. We will request the Sec/Trea to cut a check for that amount when we get the Ad page ready to be sent to CDR STRUCK.

One of the last things we did was hold the White Elephant drawings and then the door prize (door prize was donated by Charline Johnson). It was a Quartz Heater with remote control. Our host (Cheryl) for the evening won the heater and said that it will come in handy under her desk during the cold days at work.

We then had photos take of the group to be sent to each member and to the Aerograph. We closed out meeting at 9 p.m.
 Submitted by: AGC BOB JOHNSON, 2ND VP

The Southeast Chapter held its Spring meeting on the 30th of April at the Orange Buffet in Orange Park.  We had a great meal and enjoyed reviewing our past duty stations and events of the past.
The following member were present: AGC THOMAS & VIRGINIA MORGAN, AGCM JOE McGARRAG2 GERALD & SANDRA BURK, AG1 CLARENCE GRAYSON, LT FRED BERGMAN, and CHUCK BERGMAN. Gerald and Sandra Burk traveled the greatest distance (from Orlando).  We invited them  to spend the night but they had to return to Orlando due to already planed event the following morning. We are looking forward to seeing them again at our next meeting and maybe the Christmas Party.
Brief business: Our planed Fall meeting will be in September but location and date hasn't been set at this time.  Our Christmas Party will be in December and additional details will be sent out in November.  Brief information about the 41st Reunion of NWSA that was held in Nashville was limited because we didn't have any members attending.  We also discussed the 42nd Reunion of NWSA that is scheduled to be held on May 1st - 6th in The Villages about 20 miles south of Ocala. We are hoping for a large turnout of our members to the Reunion in 2016.
We are attaching a photo of our newest members:  AG2 Gerald and Sandra Burk and our senior ranking member: CDR Thomas and Virginia  Morgan.
Submitted via email by AGC Bob Johnson, 2nd VP