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NWSA Lone Star Chapter



President           Curtis Arnond

Sec/Treasurer    Jim Maxwell



Chapter News

Source: Aerograph May 2022

It has been quite sometime since the Association has heard from us over here in North Texas. Since the Covid Pandemic started we have not been active, nor have we seen one another. So not much has been going on with this Chapter. Our last meeting was in late 2019, and we only had 4 members and 2 spouses show up. That has pretty much been the norm for the few meetings. Hopefully, we will get a lunch meeting in the next several weeks and I am sure that one of the items on the agenda will be “shuttering” the Lone Star Chapter.

The Lone Star Chapter lost one of its founder’s and mainstays when AGCM Harry Hale passes away on February 11, 2022 in Boulder City, Nevada at the age of 82. Harry and Jeanie Hale had just moved around Thanksgiving 2021 from there home in O’Donnell, Texas in the southern Panhandle near Lubbock to live with one of their sons in Boulder City. Harry died of Prostate Cancer. There will be a graveside service and burial at the O’Donnell Cemetery on May 7th at 10 AM.

was an active member of our association having served several years as our Historian.  Harry very seldom missed one of our meeting/lunch’s here in DFW. He and Jeanie would jump in the car and drive 310 miles from O’Donnell to DFW and then turn around and drive home. That made for a long 9 to 10 hour drive. Harry was a great AG, leader and shipmate and he will be missed by his family, friends, shipmates, and by all those fortunate enough to know him. 

Fair winds and following seas, Master Chief.   

AGCS Jim Maxwell

Note: My Wife Suzanne and I will be attending the Service on May 7th.

Source: Aerograph August 2019

Not much has been going on with the Lone Star Chapter. Summer hasn’t been too bad this time around. Normal summertime temperatures are a welcome relief for us. Haven’t had a 100    Degree day yet this summer either.

Jim and Lolis Steinbeck, down Houston way, report that Lolis has retired after 32+ years with Continental and United Airlines. Lolis is wondering how she had time for a job with all the other activities now. A Farewell party is planned.  Jim continues to deal with his fight with Mohs Procedure skin cancer surgeries about every other month. He’s had 10+ surgeries completed already and will continue to have more. So far, he stays on it and has been able to catch it early.  Jim’s son is a Master Chief with 27 years of service. He continues to travel the world inspecting Aviation Maintenance programs. He’s planning on staying more than 30 years. Two of his four kids (Jim Grandson and Granddaughter have also gone into the Navy. Both have both graduated from Aircrew School and AW training. Andrea graduated with honors and is now stationed in Gitmo, while Jose has moved to a Squadron in San Diego.  Jim and Lolis have attended all the graduation ceremonies of both grand children from Boot to present.

May and June have been active, medical wise, for Jim and Suzanne Maxwell since returning from the Reunion in California. Jim has had cataracts removed from both eyes, and had Cervical surgery (4 levels) on his neck. All went well, but still in PT.  Suzanne has been in PT continuously since January for her shoulder and has been forced to discontinue her Gym workouts and her Boxing training for her Parkinson’s. She’s not a happy camper!  She will be going in for Shoulder surgery on August 7th with more PT to follow!

Haven’t heard anything from Harry and Jeanie Hale, Charlie and Anne Jordan since before the Reunion!  That’s about it from here. Hope all is going well for each and every one you and your families!

Submitted by Jim Maxwell, Sec/Treas.