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NWSA Potomac Chapter


President  Tom Berkeridge  
Vice President  John Weaver
Secretary/Treasurer  Peter Weigand

Corresponding Secretary

 Jim Romano

Chapter News

Source: Aerograph May 2018

Greetings from the Potomac Chapter

This last year has been sparse for Potomac.  Many of us have moved away to more comfortable living areas during the past few years.  This past year, our President, Tom Berkeridge moved to The Villages in FL.  We'll miss you Tom!  The list of Potomac Chapter locals has people living up to 50-100 miles apart and it's very hard to put together a gathering. After our reunion in New Orleans, Ray Godin, Carl Hoffman, Jim Romano and others will try and get us together at National Harbour MGM Casino/Hotel.

Speaking of the wonderful reunion in New Orleans, BZs and a Well Done to the Pensacola Chapter and Gary Cox ”The Wyoming Wayfarer," for carrying out an outstanding reunion in the "Big Easy!" The great location of the Holiday Inn, gave us easy access to the French Quarter and other areas. The hotel also provided great food and a helpful staff. The National WWII Museum tour was enlightening, comprehensive and emotional. It has expanded to 3 buildings with more to come.  Mille Grazia!!

Robbie Roper is still very dedicated and active in the Maryland Crime Victims Resource Center.  She took time off in February to get rid of an old faulty hip and have a new one installed.  Robbie had the other one done a few years ago and is now looking forward to pain free hips.

Ken & Joyce Smith are getting on well. Ken has finished his therapy and is doing exceptionally well.  His stroke is now history, but he will take some time to get his gears all operating in tandem/.  We spent a day with Ken & Joyce on our way down to New Orleans and Ken even hit a few golf balls. Won't be long now!!

Ella Gould & Richie Freeman are good buddies and singing with the same Choral Group.  Ella has been spending time with her children and grandchildren while Richie is planning a trip to Australia to visit her brother.  Daughter Beverley along with Husband John Weaver will be riding shotgun.

Bob Costa reports he had a grand Baltic River Cruise with some of his New Bern neighbors last fall. He's was going to try and make #44 but there is also an Deep Freeze reunion next month. Bob wants to see his Old Antarctic buddies.

Pete Weigand is still working at Pax River.  He and Marcia split time between MD and PA.

Tom Miovas is looking forward to getting the RV out of mothballs and have planned the trip to "The Big Easy." He and Mary Ann have had a quiet winter. Tom will be taking over as National Secy/treas for NWSA.

Norm Canfield is almost 96, has a few health problems but still going strong. He's recovering from colon surgery as we speak, One of his good friends, Harvey M. Waldron Jr. who was the first Navy Pilot to deliberately fly thru a typhoon for Meteorology studies, passed away last year.  Norm had written an article about Harvey in one of last year’s Aerographs.

Our dear Marge Cruse is also 96 and sounds wonderful. We called her this week. Marge has taken a trip to Minnesota to visit David & Lee Ann and will also be going to Adirondacks this summer for their annual family vacation. What a girl!!

Elroy (Mac) & Shellie Mcleod had a wonder family Thanksgiving at Top Sail Beach in NC.  Mac is undergoing "BEMER" treatment to improve body circulation.  It's self-treatment of this new German electronic process.  Mac says it really has helped..Google "BEMER."

Back in December, Jim & Rosalie Romano again visited with Ken & Joyce Smith at their new retirement digs. Kenny looked great.  He and Joyce are really enjoying their new home. Very classy digs and good food.  We then continued on to Melbourne, FL to spend Christmas and a few weeks with daughter Lisa's family. A few more time-share weeks in Orlando then returned home in early March.

Ray Godin has retired and will now join the good life!!

Again, just had a wonderful time in New Orleans!!  Many thanks, Gary, Libby & Pat!!

Jim Romano, Corres. Sec

Source: Aerograph November 2017 

Chapter President Tom Berkeridge has sold his house in Crownsville, Maryland. Tom will now be heading to The Villages in Florida where he plans to look for a home to purchase.

In late September former AG’s Ray Studnicka, flying in from Aberdeen, SD with wife Linda and Audie Hudnell with wife Angie, got together at Mike and Peggy Kreiger’s Odenton, Maryland home for a long weekend. The group enjoyed visits to Ft. McHenry Baltimore, a crab feast at a local American Legion Post, as well as a good old fashion cookout at Mike and Peggy’s home. Following the cookout the group traveled to the Gettysburg National Military Park for a tour.  From there they headed on to Pittsburgh, Pa. to meet up with former AG Dana Morreale and his wife Sue.

The Potomac Chapter would like to thank Joe McKenzie, Lolis & Jim Steinbeck, Curtis Arnold, Mel Bourn, Pat Partesius, Suzanne & Jim Maxwell for all of their hard work on the San Antonio Reunion. You all did a great job and fun was had by all.

Dana and Sue showcased the charm of the Steel City, and the group attended a game at PNC Park, where the Pirates walloped the Baltimore Orioles.   Although Mike’s favorite team, the Orioles lost, the group enjoyed the beauty of the stadium and the surrounding area.

Ray Godin and his OCS Class 72-05 roommate, Hal Hardaway had lunch with Captain Matt Meilstrup, Commanding Officer of the USCG Barque Eagle “America’s Tall Ship.” A tour of the ship was personally conducted by CAPT Meilstrup. The Eagle was docked along the Alexandria, VA waterfront September 4-8.  The square rigged tall ship was built in 1936 by the Nazis as the Horst Wessel. She was subsequently taken as war reparation by the US following the end of WWII.

The following from Jim Romano:

LCDR Kenneth F. Smith USN (Ret.) Ken & Joyce

3 Carolina Meadows

Apt. 307

Chapel Hill, NC. 27517


   Kenny is doing much better. Jim talked to him last week and he is walking well and trying to work on his memory, which has some gaps. Kenny loves his therapists. They are very kind and patient. So, all in all he’s almost back to the great Kenny we know.

In late September, Rosalie and Jim joined some old shipmates from Guam in Newport, RI. Jim and Rosalie were in Guam in the early seventies. There were hosts [to] Gary & Gigi Ley (former NBC Weather Guy in Providence), John & Ivie Chubb, Larry & Betsy Alfred, Mike & Jane Looney, George & Barbara Heburn, Bruce Clark and Frank & Lynn Glaser. The group did the Harbour Cruise, Mansion Tour, and  some played golf. Gary found some neat restaurants along the harbor and [had] a nice lunch at the old O’Club. Bruce and Jim also went up to Falmouth, Massachusetts to tour the USS Massachusetts and to tour the PT boat museum. Jim loves his PT boats. Jim says Newport is a great place to visit, but be sure to bring a heavy wallet.

Jim and Rosalie will be in Florida from January to mid February and promise to see Tom
Berkeridge during that time.
Submitted by Tom Berkeridge, Pres/Recordg Sec.

Source: Aerograph August 2017

Derrick Lee Gould, son of Ella Gould and the late LCDR Will Gould, passed away on April 7, 2017 after a brief illness. Ella our hearts go out to you. Please mail words of sympathy to: Mrs. Ella Gould, 210 Westlake Blvd., Prince Frederick, Md. 20678.

We were also sad to hear of the passing of Potomac Chapter member Chuck Kincannon on July 1, 2017. Chuck’s obituary is set out in Pages 13-14 of the August Aerograph [.

The Potomac Chapter would like to thank Joe McKenzie, Lois & Jim Steinbeck, Curtis Arnold, Mel Bourn, Pat Partesius, Suzanne & Jim Maxwell for all of their hard work on the San Antonio Reunion. You all did a great job and fun was had by all.

It was great to see Robby Roper & her daughter’s mother in law, JoAnn Kerekes, at San Antonio, as well as Tom & Mary Ann Miovas. It was also a treat to see Marge Cruse and her daughter  Donna visiting from Colorado Springs.

Potomac Chapter member Roberta Roper has written a book “A Rainbow From my Heart.”

Roberta Roper has written the story of her family’s journey through grief and the criminal justice process following the brutal murder of her oldest child, Stephanie. Her very personal account is testament to courage, hope and survival in the face of unspeakable evil and tragedy. It is a tribute to her family.

Though the story begins 35 years ago, it resonates today with anyone who bears the undeserved consequences of criminal violence. More importantly, it offers evidence that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary accomplishments and transform a system to be more equally just and compassionate to crime victims as it must be to the accused or convicted of crime. While not a “ how to” manual, Roberta shares insights and lessons learned that may benefit others beginning on a grass roots level.

Through her eyes and from her heart, Roberta writes of that period in her family’s history as a testimony to love and faith. Though the Ropers and the organization they created could not spare their children the pain of those experiences, this story offers others the possibility of hope and healing. The reader will conclude that love is stronger than death, and that love never dies. Individually and collectively, the Ropers have triumphed over evil.

Roberta has written the above article for the Aerograph and advises that limited numbers of the book are available on Amazon. If customers use AMAZON SMILE, please designate the Maryland Crime Victims’ Resource Center, Inc. and they will receive a small donation.

Roberta Roper


Maryland Crime Victims’ Resource Center, Inc.

1001 Prince George’s Blvd., Suite 750

Upper Marlboro, Md. 20774

Ph: 240-335-4008

Please designate for MCVRC for:

Maryland Charity Campaign 11779

United Way of Central Maryland 4444

United Way of the National Capital Area 9325

Combined Federal Campaign 60472

Roberta and her late husband, Captain Vince Roper, have been honored many times by the Maryland State Legislature and the Governor of Maryland for their advocacy on behalf of Maryland Crime Victims.

It was good news to hear that Tom Miovas has agreed to relieve Libby O’Brien as Secretary/Treasurer of the National Chapter at the next reunion in New Orleans. Tom we don’t envy you one bit, since Libby will be a  tough act to follow. Libby has done a great job for the National Chapter for many years.

Former Potomac Chapter member Mike Krieger advises that he and his wife Peggy celebrated their 20th Wedding Anniversary by taking a one week cruise on the Danube River in April 2017. They left a couple of days early to sight see in Munich, Germany, including an unforgettable trip to Dachau Concentration Camp. Their cruise originated in Passau, Germany and ended in Budapest, Hungary. Sites visited included Salzburg and Vienna, Austria as well as the Wachau Valley. The all inclusive trip was taken on the SS Maria Theresa through Uniworld Tours.

“Space Weather” by AGC, Elroy R.(Mac) McLeod, USN Ret.

Greetings to all. We all share a common interest in weather predictions and have watched the debate over climate change. I have finally found some answers from tracking You Tube’s recent documentaries from the SECRET SPACE series. Earth’s weather is caused by the Sun says Dr. John L. Casey. He recently announced that we are in the early phase of a mini ice age similar to the years 1640-1715. Another site I watch to see where environmental activities are happening with a daily global look at events recently passed, or predicted. This web site: Suspicious, has 290k members and has developed a great video library on space weather. If earth’s weather is controlled by the Sun, then God must control the Sun.  A spiritual solution to extreme events is available to mankind if we respond says Holy Scripture.

Before and after the San Antonio reunion Tom Berkeridge drove 7300 miles and visited 23 states. During his travels Tom visited the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, cousins in Reno for a week, Yellowstone National Park, The Little Bighorn National Park, The Crazy Horse Memorial, and Mount Rushmore.

After returning from his cross country trip Tom traveled another 1300 miles to Savannah, Georgia to meet up with 40 internet friends.

Submitted by Tom Berkeridge, Pres/Recordg Sec.