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President  Tom Berkeridge  
Vice President  John Weaver
Secretary/Treasurer  Peter Weigand

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 Tom Berkeridge

Chapter News

Source: Aerograph August 2017

Derrick Lee Gould, son of Ella Gould and the late LCDR Will Gould, passed away on April 7, 2017 after a brief illness. Ella our hearts go out to you. Please mail words of sympathy to: Mrs. Ella Gould, 210 Westlake Blvd., Prince Frederick, Md. 20678.

We were also sad to hear of the passing of Potomac Chapter member Chuck Kincannon on July 1, 2017. Chuck’s obituary is set out in Pages 13-14 of the August Aerograph [.

The Potomac Chapter would like to thank Joe McKenzie, Lois & Jim Steinbeck, Curtis Arnold, Mel Bourn, Pat Partesius, Suzanne & Jim Maxwell for all of their hard work on the San Antonio Reunion. You all did a great job and fun was had by all.

It was great to see Robby Roper & her daughter’s mother in law, JoAnn Kerekes, at San Antonio, as well as Tom & Mary Ann Miovas. It was also a treat to see Marge Cruse and her daughter  Donna visiting from Colorado Springs.

Potomac Chapter member Roberta Roper has written a book “A Rainbow From my Heart.”

Roberta Roper has written the story of her family’s journey through grief and the criminal justice process following the brutal murder of her oldest child, Stephanie. Her very personal account is testament to courage, hope and survival in the face of unspeakable evil and tragedy. It is a tribute to her family.

Though the story begins 35 years ago, it resonates today with anyone who bears the undeserved consequences of criminal violence. More importantly, it offers evidence that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary accomplishments and transform a system to be more equally just and compassionate to crime victims as it must be to the accused or convicted of crime. While not a “ how to” manual, Roberta shares insights and lessons learned that may benefit others beginning on a grass roots level.

Through her eyes and from her heart, Roberta writes of that period in her family’s history as a testimony to love and faith. Though the Ropers and the organization they created could not spare their children the pain of those experiences, this story offers others the possibility of hope and healing. The reader will conclude that love is stronger than death, and that love never dies. Individually and collectively, the Ropers have triumphed over evil.

Roberta has written the above article for the Aerograph and advises that limited numbers of the book are available on Amazon. If customers use AMAZON SMILE, please designate the Maryland Crime Victims’ Resource Center, Inc. and they will receive a small donation.

Roberta Roper


Maryland Crime Victims’ Resource Center, Inc.

1001 Prince George’s Blvd., Suite 750

Upper Marlboro, Md. 20774

Ph: 240-335-4008

Please designate for MCVRC for:

Maryland Charity Campaign 11779

United Way of Central Maryland 4444

United Way of the National Capital Area 9325

Combined Federal Campaign 60472

Roberta and her late husband, Captain Vince Roper, have been honored many times by the Maryland State Legislature and the Governor of Maryland for their advocacy on behalf of Maryland Crime Victims.

It was good news to hear that Tom Miovas has agreed to relieve Libby O’Brien as Secretary/Treasurer of the National Chapter at the next reunion in New Orleans. Tom we don’t envy you one bit, since Libby will be a  tough act to follow. Libby has done a great job for the National Chapter for many years.

Former Potomac Chapter member Mike Krieger advises that he and his wife Peggy celebrated their 20th Wedding Anniversary by taking a one week cruise on the Danube River in April 2017. They left a couple of days early to sight see in Munich, Germany, including an unforgettable trip to Dachau Concentration Camp. Their cruise originated in Passau, Germany and ended in Budapest, Hungary. Sites visited included Salzburg and Vienna, Austria as well as the Wachau Valley. The all inclusive trip was taken on the SS Maria Theresa through Uniworld Tours.

“Space Weather” by AGC, Elroy R.(Mac) McLeod, USN Ret.

Greetings to all. We all share a common interest in weather predictions and have watched the debate over climate change. I have finally found some answers from tracking You Tube’s recent documentaries from the SECRET SPACE series. Earth’s weather is caused by the Sun says Dr. John L. Casey. He recently announced that we are in the early phase of a mini ice age similar to the years 1640-1715. Another site I watch to see where environmental activities are happening with a daily global look at events recently passed, or predicted. This web site: Suspicious, has 290k members and has developed a great video library on space weather. If earth’s weather is controlled by the Sun, then God must control the Sun.  A spiritual solution to extreme events is available to mankind if we respond says Holy Scripture.

Before and after the San Antonio reunion Tom Berkeridge drove 7300 miles and visited 23 states. During his travels Tom visited the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, cousins in Reno for a week, Yellowstone National Park, The Little Bighorn National Park, The Crazy Horse Memorial, and Mount Rushmore.

After returning from his cross country trip Tom traveled another 1300 miles to Savannah, Georgia to meet up with 40 internet friends.

Submitted by Tom Berkeridge, Pres/Recordg Sec.

Source: Aerograph November 2016

Greetings from the Potomac Chapter. 


Last month, we had a very nice luncheon at Moma Roma's in Brandywine, MD.  The Pizza and Veal Parmigiana were excellent and the vino helped to set the tone for a very enjoyable afternoon.  Attending were Robbie Roper, Ella Gould, Richie Freeman, Tom Berkeridge, Mac Mcleod, Jim & RosaliRomano with  guest Olivia Arnold (Granddaughter - 3 months), & Alice Cottrell. Alice traveled all the way from the Northern Neck of Virginia and we really appreciated her effort. Regrets were received from Norm Canfield, Ray Godin & George & Diana Delano. Mo Gibbs regretted that the drive from Nantucket Island was too long. 

We planned to have another gathering after the San Antonio reunion.  A few of us plan on attending the National and will pass on the info and ideas gathered in SA.

Jim & Rosalie Romano attended their annual RAF Chicksands reunion in Saint Augustine Oct 18-22. Ate at a great English Pub and caught a neat British Car show as well. The town looked good considering the battering it took from Matthew. Many expensive homes in Pontre Vedra, FL were badly damaged or destroyed but the damage in St. Augustine was not severe. On the way down, they stopped to visit with Ken & Joyce Smith, who have moved to a lovely retirement community in Chapel Hill, NC. They are doing well.  Joyce's sister Janet & husband Joe also live there.

Hope to see many friends in San Antonio.

Jim Romano - Corresponding Sec'y

Source: Aerograph August 2016

Greetings from the Potomac Chapter.  Hope you’re all having a nice summer (the hottest year in history.)  I wish I were back at McMurdo!!


Our President, Tom Berkeridge has been traveling around the world        in his capacity of Travel Coordinator for several outfits.  He’s had some exciting clients like Ali MacGraw, Ryan O’Neal and the Sultan of Oman.  He’s been able to visit 51 countries and 39 states. Neat job.

Ray & Marie Godin are beating the bushes in Maine for part of the summer.

Mo Gibbs is keeping the Coast Guard on its toes up in breezy Nantucket, by standing watches for the Auxiliary and holding safety classes for local boaters.  He & Millie enjoy singing with local choral groups.

Gerry & Lora Delaney are keeping house in Delaware near Ocean City, MD.  They stay fit walking the pets daily and singing in their church choir.

Elroy & Shellie McLeod have been traveling this summer and are very active in church.

Tom & Mary Ann Miovas have been driving their RV all over Alaska for a few months.  That’s beating the heat!

Robbie Roper is still very active as a Maryland Crime Victims advocate, enjoying her grandchildren and tending her garden.  She is also planning a trip out west with daughter Sharon and family to visit the Grand Canyon area.

Ken & Joyce Smith have written a set of orders for themselves and transferred from Hilton Head to Chapel Hill, NC.  They moved to a retirement community to be with Joyce’s sisters and their husbands.  It’s a real family affair.

George & Diana Delano and Jim & Rosalie Romano attended their Guam Gang reunion in Pensacola during the last week of April.  The Romanos then traveled on to the Villages, FL for the NWSA reunion.  Jim & Rosalie also welcomed their 2nd granddaughter, Olivia on June 6.  The same day her three year old sister, Isabella was born. That’s right B-Day, the 6th of June!!

John & Beverly Weaver are enjoying the company of Beverly’s mom the lovely and talented Richie Freeman.  Richie make the world’s greatest Lumpia.

Ella Gould has been having some health problems, however that feisty Irish demeanor keeps her spirts up.  She is still coping with the loss of her dear Will.  If you know Ella, give her a call. 301-855-9127

Heard from Marge Cruse.  She’s doing fine in Colorado Springs.  This summer she travelled to the Adirondacks for her annual family reunion.

We are planning a late August luncheon at Mama Roma’s in Brandywine, MD. We wish everyone a great year and look forward to lunch on the Riverwalk in 2017.

Submitted by CWO3 Jim Romano USN RET